10 Cane

10 Cane rum is somewhere in between a cocktail rum and a sipping rum and that is not a bad thing at all.

10 Cane is the idea behind Hennessey & Moet to make a truly great rum and quite frankly they did accomplished that goal! It may not be the great sipping rum they envisioned when this venture started but it is a great rum none the less.

So why is it not a great sipping rum well, it is a little sweet for a sipping rum it simply needs more time in the oak. That fact however is meaningless when you think of the product they were able to create with 10 Cane. Its golden color screams summer the aroma is sweet and inviting to the noose. The taste is right where it needs to be and to top it all of it works well with cocktails!
Let’s start with cocktails the taste and aroma give you hints of vanilla which works so many ways! If you ask me it make the perfect Daiquiri… recipe in July yes making you wait. It also works well with Mojitos, Rum & coke, and the list goes on. Is it able to be used in craft cocktail the answer is yes very much it is a great partner with all cocktail designs!

The taste itself is very summer very beach or lakeside. It will instantly make you think of summer slightly sweet hint of vanilla and a rich and smooth body. 10 Cane makes you ask why more rums can’t be like this. It doesn’t come off the tongue hot, it doesn’t smell boozy still it is sure enough an 80 proof spirit.

Overall this is a high end rum and should be treated as such. With a price tag of near $30 it makes you ask the question of how it stacks up against the other high end rum. Well 10 Cane holds its own, but is not by any stretch king of the hill. It is a solid rum a great in-between for people looking to get into the higher end rum or sipping rum from your Bacardi drinking days. If you are a lover of Zacapa or French agricole rum you will find it a bit sweet and under developed. What does all that mean it means that Ten Canes is a solid 4 out 5 rum that can satisfy everyone in one way or the other.

4 out of 5

Gingembre de Citron Vert

1 ½ oz. 10 Cane rum
1 oz. Domaine de Canton
1 oz. lime juice
½ oz ginger syrup
2 dashes of lavender bitters
Garnish with lavender or a lime wheel

Directions: dash the lavender bitters, ginger syrup and lime juice in a Boston glass. Add ice then the Ten Canes and Domaine de Canton. Shake hard and strain over ice in a high ball garnish lavender or a lime wheel.

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