5 Things that make 2016 NBA Finals Special

5) The Squeal

  It is the squeal to last year’s Finals and this year as of right now there can be no excuses for either team to lose both teams are healthy and have been playing at a high level. With the Cavs basically walking through the Eastern Conference and the Warriors showing they can face and defeat adversity by coming back down 3-1 to get into the Finals. This is also a repeat of what can now be called a new franchise rivalry with no one ever saying can’t what for the Cavs to beat up on the Warriors or vice versa but for a generation this could end up being Magic v Bird. With Steph Curry and LeBron being the current faces of the NBA in this rival of the NBA being a strong force in the sports world. Sure it might be billed as David V. Goliath but this is really about the two teams as a whole and when you look at it from that angle it is not David V. Goliath more like David V. David. When you think of the areas that the teams come from these are not the big market splash teams NY, LA, Boston, Miami.

4) The Ratings

Could this end up being one of the most watched Finals ever! With the popularity of Steph Curry and LeBron James we could see numbers for the NBA Finals that will make people say it is the 2nd sport only to the NFL. Truth of the matter is with two of the faces taking the stage it makes the supporting cast be overlooked and it should not. Why mostly because there are people that are not Cavs fans but will follow Kyrie or Love, Knicks fans that will cheer for JR Smith, Iman Shumpert to win a title. The rest of the world wants to see the neo-superstar Steph Curry and his wingman Klay Thompson and see if they can win a second title. Plenty of ballers out there that do the dirty work of the game just like Green and they can score so they want to watch him do incredible things.

3) The Side Stories

 Nike and Under Armor two largest ambassadors are on the biggest basketball stage there is and all eyes will be on them. Yes, one day Stef may end up at Nike and yes LeBron may one day have a shoe by another company, but this storyline is one that is honestly played off the court with show sales and the future prospects of NBA deciding what company they want to represent. Off the court Nike has legacy but Stef could be their Jordan. LeBron has already laid down the foundation of his Legacy and he is only deciding where among the all time greats he deserve to be.  Not to mention the possible fallout. For a very long time certain NBA teams have based their ability to get NBA superstars on being a large market and where The Bay area is no small market it is also not a draw. Like LA, NYC, Miami, Boston and Chicago. Cleveland on the other hand are in no way a large market this could be the proof that players draw attention in the NBA and not big market cities or legacies anymore. This could have a ripple effect with free agent crop in the off season.

2) Legacy 

Curry is the man that will burry a shot from anywhere at anytime like it is no big deal. His Legacy is being written as we speak and he could end up being the face of the NBA for the next decade. With that said there are a handful of others that would like to say not so fast Durant, Westbrook, Wall, Davis, Irving all would like to build their legacy. Right now Curry has a ring and with a handful more he can claim to be one of the greatest ever. In his way, LeBron a man that is also looking to cement his legacy without a doubt he is one of the greats but, until he captures that ever elusive championship for his home city of Cleveland he is still missing the crown jewel. Now LeBron also has to worry about those other players but as of now Curry seems to be the thrown in his side. If Curry and the Warriors can stop LeBron from winning an NBA title once again his legacy will be tarnished by it but in no way will it be the last chapter in his story.

1) Chip

LeBron may feel as if everyone is constantly pointing out how he has not lived up to his expectations. You know because there was no Kobe or San Antonio spurs dynasty that could have stopped him from winning as many titles as he wanted. No I have not forgotten that he mentioned 7 titles for Miami but if I remember correctly he was 25 and most of us thought that the team that was assembled would only lose if they wanted to lose. So remember he only said what we were all thinking. Now Curry has taken his MVP torch and is running with it this can factor to his chip. We forget that last year there was the discussion if LeBron should be Finals MVP in a losing effort. This is the cause of the chip for Curry how many times can someone say or write that the Warriors lucked into the title last year. What else does he and his teammates have to accomplish before they are recognized as a group that can do more than expected and could end up in a couple of weeks be the greatest single season team of all time. Curry has done nothing less than change what the NBA face player can be with a NBA Title and 2 MVPs, yet does not seem to be what everyone wants to become the new NBA.

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