5 Ways to (maybe) Make the Pro Bowl Better

NFL Pro Bowl has once again come and gone and not that many people care. This is the fault of the NFL more than anything else. Where other leagues once had celebrated All Star games the NFL Pro Bowl has always been a side note. This is a look at 5 things that could the Pro Bowl better.

5) Have the game played in a different city every year.

Let’s move the Pro Bowl around, it works in effect for all the other leagues. Having a city get excited about having an event is almost as promising as having a network get excited for an event. Just think of the Pro Bowl if it was in New York City or LA even if it were in New Orleans it would be a bigger event. Having it in Hawaii every year is a great thing but the charm has worn off for everyone except the players.

4) Get rid of the fan vote.

Let’s stop having the fans vote on who makes the Pro Bowl. Instead let’s give the vote to a select number Media people, all the head coaches, offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators, special team coaches, GM’s and the Pro Bowlers from the past year. This way it won’t be a popularity contest. Instead it will be based on respect and performance. I don’t think we should completely take the fans out of the voting process their votes could decide the Pro Bowl alternates. The fan vote is exciting for the fans but it also can hurt players for bonuses that don’t make the Pro Bowl because it has become a popularity contest.

3) Make the Pro Bowl a week long event.

If you move the Pro Bowl around to different city every year, then you can also have events during the week. That people can get excited about. Chances to get autographs win tickets to the following year’s Super Bowl, player dinners, coaches speeches all the things that fans really want to experience. By giving fans access to their favorite teams even though it may not be the team of that city. There could also be activities that are dedicated two younger football players High School and below. Imagine a high school All Star Game being coached by that cities offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator. These things could lead to more exciting things then you can do by being in Hawaii every year.

2) Promote!!!

Special jerseys, special events and most of all promoting fun from the players to the coaches to the fans. I’m talking about special apparel special hats jerseys team footballs and all those other useless things we love having. I’m talking about letting them to group celebration encourage them to smack talk for that one game and all you have to do is remind them don’t take it seriously. Also make more of a point of it on TV give us a halftime show that is there to entertain us just did you do for the Super Bowl. I know the Pro Bowl is usually only watched by NFL junkies but the lack of its appeal to the everyday fan or viewers that may choose to watch something else instead is where it falls flat. On any given Sunday between fantasy implications, the love of your own team and of course seeing a team that you despise lose. Is all lost during the Pro Bowl, the NFL promotes teams and cultures over individual players. There is nothing wrong with that but it then takes away from individual events like the Pro Bowl.

1) Move the date to the Hall of Fame Game.

This is something that will probably never happen but on the other hand if you think about it it would be brilliant. If the Pro Bowl was the first game of the NFL season every year people would watch in groves. It may become the second biggest NFL event to the Superbowl. People starving to see football and all the sudden not only can they watching some of the best players in the game play. This would make it a must see event, this could make the game one of the most important things on the calendar year. It won’t happen though because imagine if your star quarterback injured his knee during a game that doesn’t matter and isn’t even for your team.

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