A Ghost Story

A24 is one of the studios that I will always expect good things. David Lowery did an excellent job with Pete’s Dragon and that is reason enough to think he knocked this indie flick out of park. Why? This movie needs to be a fantasy, romance with quirkiness and tell a story through the eyes of imagination. Sound like something a guy who helped a boy have a pet dragon could accomplish.

Director – David Lowery

A Ghost Story is a romance movie that should appeal to both men and women, with the story giving us a good amount of the power of a place called home rather than just giving us the pure emotion. This should help in a million ways anyone can remember their favorite home and all the memories that make it their favorite. Casey Affleck is also coming off one of his best performances and there is a lot of buzz around him, will he continue to show why he can be one of Hollywood’s best.

July 7, 2017 – Limited


Drama, Fantasy, Romance


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