Anchor Bock

The last days of winter and the arrival of spring bring the avid beer drinker into an interesting transitional period. The heavy stouts and porters are finally leaving the shelves and with them come spring beers.

Traditionally the first beer brewed in anticipation of the coming spring is Bock. This brew originated in the town of Einbeck, Germany which is how the beer acquired its name. Due to the town’s typicalBavarian accent, the beer was mistakenly called Ein Bock, or billy goat. This is why you often see an image of a goat on Bock beer labels.

Since 2005, the Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco has been putting out a top notch bock, dubbed “Anchor Bock Beer.” Typically, you would expect a spring beer to be a light and refreshing drink but that is not the case with the Anchor Boch. Made with roasted barley malts and fresh whole hops, this beer has a mean side that heavy beer drinkers will enjoy.

This dark bock pours a smooth, dark brown head, and smells of chocolate and caramel. The taste is rich and sweet but not cloyingly because it has just enough bitterness from the hops. Lager, ale, and pilsner drinkers shouldn’t shy away from this beer as its bark is much more than its bite. The rich sweetness in Bock beer pairs well with strong spices and intense flavors. This gives you plenty of options, from cajun
and jerk, to slow roasted and seared foods.

Before you completely say goodbye to winter, I encourage you to give Bock a try. There will be plenty of time to talk late spring and early summer beer in the coming months. Until then, throw some jerk chicken in the oven, put on March Madness, and crack open a couple ice cold Anchor Bocks.


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