Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy is one of Hollywood’s most promising rising stars and she has already been in some great movies with equal performances; this is a pivotal moment in her career as it may begin a legacy. Her performances in The Witch, Split and Barry has proven she has what it takes to be great and now she may take the next step.

Anya Taylor-Joy is considered by many a scream queen, with her appearances in The Witch, Morgan, Split and even her uncredited role in Vampire Academy. She also has upcoming movies in Marrowbone and X-Men: The New Mutants that is said to have more of a horror element in it. Still, that is not all the films she has done or has coming out she played Charlotte in Barry the Netflix film about President Barack Obama’s early years; playing his love interest during his time at Columbia University. Anya is also playing Lily in the movie Thoroughbred that is a Drama/Thriller not completely away from horror but it is not a horror movie on the surface. She is also attached to The Sea Change as Alberta which would be her first romance performance, she will be a bit busy for the next year or so and she is continue a trend as she filmed 6 films in 2 years. Taylor-Joy current movie she is filming now could very well decide her place in Hollywood for some time; she will either rise to becoming one of the Hollywood most wanted (something to hope for) or find her place in Hollywood for now.

Why, will the next couple of years be important for her? Anya Taylor-Joy is right now a ship with sails full of momentum and is the talk of a lot of Hollywood even if she is not a house hold name. Her youth is the biggest upside for her giving her the ability to rebound from some average performance or even whether a bad movie. Still she is set up to become a star in these next 2 years with X-Men: The New Mutants and Glass the sequel to both Split and Unbreakable. Glass could be her Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) Sam (Emma Stone) in Birdman gave a chance for Stone to shine while preforming next to Michael Keaton and Edward Norton. Anya Taylor-Joy will have the chance to show her chops next to Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willes and return to the franchise with James McAvoy this could be a defining moment; hard to say without seeing how much she will be involved in the movie. Hopefully she will maintain a pivotal role and share great moments with the other actors in the movie. This movie could show that she is ready to star with legends and learn from them to one day become a legend herself. Then there is the X-Men: The New Mutants this could end up making her the actress that is known by everyone. It is a shame that she doesn’t have more recognition after Split, but the return of M. Night Shyamalan and the performance of McAvoy are the topic of discussion for that feature. Still Anya Taylor-Joy is a force in the movie and it is partially responsible for her rise. It showed that she could be in a movie that was in the spotlight and handle the press and demands that come with a film like Split.

Who is Anya Taylor-Joy? She is a young talented actress Born in Miami, lived in Argentina and England; clearly, she is a woman of the world. Which is a great asset, having multiple cultural experiences and used to having many places to call home at such a youthful age. Her break into acting came from her modeling. In one of her shoots as she was helping get everyone ready, Adam Leach from Downtown Abby noticed her when she had a down time reading poetry and asked her to recite some for him. This lead to a question of what Taylor-Joy wanted to be when she grew up her reply was an actress. He took her info passed it on to his agent and then we received Anya Taylor-Joy in The Witch. I love this story as it shows how drive, curiosity and helpfulness can lead to success. At the end of the day Anya is a pizza loving girl that works hard and is willing to what is needed to make a movie great.

Anya Taylor-Joy is just starting her acting career and right now it looks to be promising one at that. Her elegant look just screams Hollywood star and then there is the fact that she may work hard but at the end of the day she is still just a girl entering her adult life and living her childhood dream. The Witch has opened doors for her and giving her multiple awards and nominations. Now that she has shown her ability to act and can move on to tackling the pop culture of movies. Hopefully we will also get to see her in plenty of indie films and have an extensive career rivaling any of the stars coming before she graced the silver screen. Watching someone grow their career from the start and seeing where it ends is always delight and that is the opportunity that Ms. Taylor-Joy is giving all of us right now; moments before the noise of what is to come becomes deafening.

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