Applause (@ladygaga)

Lady Gaga is back and the Applause will reign supreme. Yes, once again Lady Gaga is showing why she is the girl to beat in pop right now and for the foreseeable future!!

Once again Gaga comes out and surprises everyone. Even with the expectation of Gaga to surprise you she still does. This time the surprise is the fact that it seems like she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Her music and ability to give a true performance even in a video, with artistic styling and a voice that will make you stand to attention.  The video for Applause reminds me of elements of Sin City, The Joker (Dark Knight) yes Alice in Wonderland. More importantly seeing the influences that Marilyn Manson and as any pop star Madonna. I even found myself wondering if there was an element of influence from Flash Dance all of that make Applause reason to believe that Lady Gaga will be running pop for a while.

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