Evander Wilson


Fist Fight

Fist Fight came out in February and I had interest in seeing it but ended up missing Fist Fight in the theaters. It took me…


Days Gone

Days Gone, looks to be one of those games that could shape the direction of a gaming genre or it could be an ambitious fail…



Anthem is going to be sucking up days of your life, yup I said it. If you are any type of game that will be…


Ice Cube – Good Cop, Bad Cop

Ice Cube is having a very active 2017, we have his movie Fist Fight the Big 3 league and his 25th anniversary of Death Certificate….


Madden 18 – Longshot

Madden 18, has a new mode called Longshot and it is hard to say right now how it will be. With that said it is…


Need for Speed – Payback

EA had there showcase at e3 and even though Need for Speed might not have been the title everyone wanted to hear about they may…


Boyd & Blair Vodka Review

It is the beginning of summer and that is the opening for a change in what or how you drink. One of the things that…


Baby Driver

If you don’t know who Edgar Wright is well then you think this movie is coming out of nowhere but when you realize he is…


Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy is one of Hollywood’s most promising rising stars and she has already been in some great movies with equal performances; this is a…


Nike Air Jordan Wings

Tomorrow at 10 am EDT, Nike will allow you the privilege to attempt and purchase the Nike Air Jordan 1 Wings. This shoe will most…