Bailey’s Cappuccino

You partied on the 12th Nola style with a Sazerac, had a birthday cake for our launch and finally went Between the Sheets. That could have been a little naughty, but what about the morning after? A personal favorite a Bailey’s cappuccino WHAT? you say…. yes that is right a Baileys cappuccino.

This is the most luxurious way to start your day; BTW make this one at home unless you enjoy a paying $40 for a drink. This is not exactly a cost friendly drink at a bar, still it is an amazing drink. The taste of the Baileys blends seamlessly with the espresso creating this liquid luxury. The idea of replacing the milk with Bailey’s isn’t probably a new idea. It is however a good idea making a cappuccino evolved.

4oz. of Bailey’s irish cream
2 shots of espresso


Make a double shot of espresso, while it is brewing steam and forth the Bailey’s then combine in a cup. Place foam on top to your liking

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