Between The Sheets

The entire month of February looks at you and says; don’t you wish you were between the sheets? It is warmer there, in the bedroom. I mean snow, ice, wind chill factor all make the daunting days of February. Then there is a whole day dedicated to enjoying the company of someone else and getting to play between the sheets. With all of that said let me offer you a between the sheets.

This is the perfect drink to toast Valentine’s Day with I mean lets be honest no one is seriously thinking about sex on the beach, but between the sheets. Well… I think it is a touch more inviting. Not to mention that Fat Tuesday and Valentine’s Day are separated by Ash Wednesday and that is it. So for the guy or girl that finds themselves on a Valentine’s date from Fat Tuesday lighten up the mood. For all the couples light a sparks with a naughty suggestion. Bottom line this classic variation of Sidecar works well on this particular day of love, lust and lingerie.

Between the Sheets

1oz. of Henessy
1oz. Cointreau
1oz. Ten Canes
splash of lemon juice


Combine all ingredients with ice shake hard and pour into a chilled up cocktail glass(martini glass) garnish with a lemon twist,optional sugar rim.

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