Black Panther

With Thor right around the corner and the drooling fanboys wanting to see an Avengers trailer it is clearly the time to promote Black Panther. I know it seems like no but yes it is time the movie will be out in February and it is in line for the promo machine.

Director – Ryan Coogler

When you think of the Black Panther you think of the new Marvel push that includes Dr. Strange and Ant Man lesser known properties that seem to still have that powerful presence at the movie theater. This is how the Marvel empire was born, sure Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America seem like the most popular Marvel players right now. When Iron Man came out it was not Spider-Man or the X-men, Punisher, Dare Devil and yet he stole the show away from all the others. Marvel has proven it is the story they tell not the immediate recognition of the character they introduce us to. With that said watch and learn to love Black Panther.

February 16, 2018
Marvel Studios

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