Black Stallion

Here are a few things I don’t think most bartenders would go off and throw into a Boston glass and say let shake it up! St. Germain, Makers Mark, a blackberry and lemon juice go!

Yes in the right portions this makes for a fine cocktail one I call the Black Stallion in honor of bourbons rich heritage in horse country. The blackberry does give the cocktail a nice purplish color and the bourbon somehow balances into nothingness in this cocktail which is slightly amazing. The addition of the St. Germain just makes the cocktail dance on your tongue a little. It is not a complexity of flavors it is a balancing of flavors that make this a perfect way to cheers the beginning of fall and say till next time to summer.

Black Stallion

2 oz. Marker’s Mark
¾ oz. St. Germain
½ oz. lemon juice
1 blackberry
Garnish with an orange peel


In empty Boston glass drop the blackberry, pour the lemon juice, St Germain and the Maker’s then fill with ice and shake. Double strain (strain out of the tin into a separate strainer into the glass into a cocktail glass) which is important to remove all of the blackberry pieces and garnish with the orange peel.


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