Botanical re-FRESH

Square One has a botanical vodka that is a vodka with a hint of gin in a way. This give it a depth that is a little unusual for vodka paired with IZZE pomegranate sparkling water and you have another winning cocktail.

This is not a difficult cocktail to make it is not even time consuming it just has a few ingredients that are not likely laying around the kitchen or even bar for that matter. You may have a bottle of Square One botanical vodka or the IZZE pomegranate sparkling juice, but both not unless you planned it (OK you may have everything) then there is the chocolate bitters. If you have all three congratulation all you need is a glass and ice. If not why would you gather all of these items? Well to make a tasty drink with layers that won’t take more than a minute to construct.  This is also a cocktail your friends just thought you made up, since the odds of this being on a restaurant’s menu is slim… try to get your local bar or restaurant to serve IZZE just try it will be fun (not really) the answer will be no! It doesn’t matter it only gives you a chance to take credit for a fun cocktail that is quick and easy to make.

Botanical re-FERSH

2 oz. Square One botanical vodka
4 oz. IZZE pomegranate sparkling juice
5 dashes of chocolate bitters


In a double old fashion or hi-ball glass over ice pour the Square One botanical vodka and add the bitters, then add the IZZE pomegranate sparkling juice.

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