Call of Duty: Infinite War

I believe it has been quite some time since I could say get excited about Call of Duty, this is one of the times where I might be wrong… but I would rather be wrong than ignore the change that is coming to Call of Duty.

Infinity Ward may be releasing the best COD ever, on November 4, 2016 we will get to decide; most of us with a remastered copy of COD4: Modern Warfare. I guess I will have to wait. The trailer gives us the tone of an epic start to a interstellar war that may never end (until we time travel back to WW2). The one thing that is certain is the amount of drama that will be in this game. After that who knows we will have to wait and see, I except this game to be the basis of COD for the next 10 years. Then again it could fail and just be another game it really doesn’t matter because in 2017 there will be more Call of Duty to play!

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