Captain America: Civil War Review

Captain America: Civil War is an amazing movie and I am beginning to wonder if I am having a little bit of fatigue from the Marvel Universe. I believe this is one of the top 4 Marvel movies as of right now and at the same time I felt as if something was missing.

Let’s start off with the things that bothered me about this movie and most of them are personal and I see it as so. The first was it seemed as if they decided to wrap up a couple of things really quick in this movie. First the use of Cross Bones I feel that you could have left him for after the fallout of Infinity War and mostly because it seemed as if there could have been a little more depth and emotion to his reasoning. Then there is Captain Nemo that was used as a catalyst to wrap up the movie and because the two of them in the movie seemed to be used more to further conflict and I would have preferred having just one. The finally issue for me was the loss of excitement I had going into the movie; I don’t know how Marvel or Disney can make me excited for movie as I was going into some of the movies in the past.

With all that said this is one of the best movies that Marvel has put together! They were able to add depth to Vision and Scarlett Witch without taking away from the main storyline. We were giving good villain back stories with reasons to go against the hero’s and used to strengthened the core argument of the plot. The final thing that Civil War did seamlessly was the intro and back story of Black Panther and the intro of Spider-Man for both characters without crowding the movie.

Civil War also gave us the perfect plot to make all of this make sense as far as the sides picking who they would support and why. It also makes an emotional connection to each sides point of view in the period of the time that was giving for the movie. The acting was near perfect I feel that Elizabeth Olsen has found her groove playing the Scarlett Witch and her performance in this movie showing the rest of the world on this stage what she is capable of. Tom Holland also took the edge of him being the third Spider-Man in what feels like too soon. The rest of the cast did their regular knock it out of the park performance that we have come to except.

Finally, the action and special effects in Civil War. The action is an A++ there are so many scenes of action that will completely blow you away and then it is all over shadowed by one long action sequence the Airport Fight! Won’t ruining it by telling you why but you will understand after seeing it. The special effects are fine I say that because there is one or to moments were you will say ok that is not up to Marvel standards and guess what that bar is damn near a 10 out of 10 every time (since Ironman forget all Marvel effects before than) and that is a high level to maintain it at all times.

The final verdict is just barely this movie missed being a 5 out of 5, the reason why is my personal feel. I have begun to feel as if I am watching Marvel movies to get to Thanos and I want to get to and then see if my excitement comes back. After that this movie is one of the best Marvel movie with that said I am giving my out of 100 score which is 89 making it a 4 out of 5.

Score 4 out of 5

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