Carrot Double Cross

It is time for a new flavor of vodka for 2014… ok somebody had to have infused a vodka with carrots before me.

They didn’t use the world’s best… Double Cross and I am not the only one to think that! They most likely didn’t take the time to make the cocktail I designed with Rose Lillet. Why Carrots? Why not I mean there is so much you can do with cucumber vodka so I thought what else would go awesome in a Bloody Mary? After a moment or two carrot just seemed to jump out and say me! Think about it carrots are sweet, crisp and fresh. These are taste that one would associate with spring and summer. Carrots never overwhelm a dish or cocktail allowing for a layering effect a slightly different taste without destroying other flavors.

The next thought was would it work? That answer was yes and thanks to the generosity and trust of Double Cross there was chance to use their vodka for Vintage Grind’s experiment of carrot vodka! So did it work? Yup it worked, just fine took a little longer than I would have liked, but once it started… the vodka became orange color and carrot sweet that was well balanced with the Double Cross vodka. Double Cross is so smooth and clean that it really allowed the carrot flavor to shine!

It worked really well with rose Lillet cocktail with an orange twist then stole the show in a Bloody Mary! It is a fun summer idea and something to play with well into the fall and winter carrot cake cocktail… fingers double crossed!

Carrot infused Double Cross vodka

2 average size carrots cleaned and sliced for one 750 ml bottle of Double Cross vodka. Place in a container and let it infuse a week to 10 days. Once the vodka is to your taste strain the vodka and place it in a bottle preferable the Double Cross bottle you emptied. Then enjoy!

Garden Cocktail

2 oz. Double Cross infused carrot vodka
1 oz. Rose Lillet
3 dashes of chocolate bitters
Garnished with an orange peel

Directions: fill a Boston or Stirring glass with ice. Add the Double Cross carrot infused vodka the Rose Lillet and the four dashes of chocolate bitters. Fine strain the ingredients into a coupe glass garnish with an orange peel.

Bloody (carrot) Mary

2 oz. Double Cross infused carrot vodka
4 oz. Bloody Mary mix
Garnish with a carrot and lime

Directions: in a highball glass over ice pour the Double Cross infused carrot vodka and then the Bloody Mary mix. Place the carrot in the drink and place the lime on the rim of the glass.

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