Cherry Blossom Martini

Spring has finally arriving and with it comes all of the wonderful scents, sights and well it is getting a little warmer. One of the great things about spring in the Nation’s Capital is the cherry blossoms, but then again why should they have all the fun.

With that in mind grab a bottle of Cherry Tease vodka from Pucker. This cherry flavored vodka is a little gem; in making the Cherry Blossom Martini. The flavor and aroma from the Cherry Tease really does bring the life to the drink. Making this a wonderful martini to enjoy with the change into spring.

2oz. Pucker Cherry Tease Vodka
½ oz. Maraschino Liqueur
½ oz. Cranberry juice
Juice of a ¼ lime

Directions: In a pint glass squeeze lime juice from a quartered lime, then add Ice. Pour the Pucker Cherry Tease vodka, then the maraschino liqueur add the cranberry juice. Shake hard in a tin then strain into a up cocktail glass(martini glass)

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