Citrus infused (@deathsdoor) White Whiskey

Is that a white lemon whiskey? Why yes it is.  Would you like to have a taste? I bet you do; enjoy making some Deaths Door lemon infused white whiskey and wait till the cocktails make you smile.

The best thing about white whiskey is the fact that it acts like a vodka when it comes to infusions it plays well with just about everything.  This is why I consider this a preview of next summer most infused spirt white whiskey and who would be mad at that.  Not to mention this is helping us bridge summer with fall in quite the celebratory manner. Do grab some lemons get there zest and add it to a white whiskey for a truly great adventure and next sometime asks for a lemon drop ask them if they want to try it with a lemon whiskey.

Whiskey Lemon Drop

1 ½ oz. Lemon infused Death’s Door white whiskey
¾ oz. Cointreau
¾ oz. lemon juice
Garnish sugared rim


Over ice in a Boston glass pour the lemon juice, the Cointreau and the lemon infused death’s Door white whiskey. Before shaking take a lemon and run it around the outside of a cocktail glass/coupe and sugar the rim. Then shake the ingredients to a forth double strain (strain out of the tin into a separate strainer into the glass) to assure no bruised ice is in the cocktail.

Death’s Door White Whiskey infused with lemon Directions

To make the Lemon white whiskey you will need 3 lemons per 750ml bottle of Death’s Door white whiskey.  Once you have those two things you are ready to grab a peeler and peel the lemon using the zest and try to get as little of the white of the rind.  After you have peeled the lemons you simply add them to the Death’s Door white whiskey and give anywhere from 12hrs to 3 days depending on taste.

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