Citrus infused (@doublecrossvodka) Vodka

Double Cross maybe the best vodka in the world (definitely the best I have ever had) still it doesn’t have any flavors but vodka flavored vodka! There for it is up to us to make the vodka the way we would like by infusing this time citrus infused Double Cross.

It is the middle of summer and the best thing to have during the hot summer months is some form of citrus cocktail. Whether it is simple adding lemon juice to a cocktail or actually making a citrus infused spirit the end result is enjoyment! Besides that who wouldn’t want to take one of the best vodkas in the world and have a playdate with it? A citrus vodka is always versatile and can be utilized in so many ways from a complex summer cocktail to citrus infused Double Cross, soda water and lemon wheel and you are done. Over ice stirred and strained in to a cocktail glass with a lemon twist the simple can be the best. One of my favorite things to do is go with a simple sour recipe but in the classic from by using the infused vodka, equal parts lemon juice and simple syrup and egg whites for body.  If you accept the challenge of making your own citrus infused vodka at the end of the day you will be happy you did!

Grapefruit (Double) Press

3 oz. Double Cross citrus infused vodka
3 oz. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
1 oz. Ginger ale soda

Directions: build over ice in a double old fashion glass, citrus infused Double Cross vodka then the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and finish with a grapefruit slice.

Double Booked

2 oz. Double Cross citrus infused vodka
3 oz. Lemonade
3 oz. Fresh brewed ice tea

Directions: in a Collins/Hi-ball glass build over ice with the citrus infused Double Cross vodka then the lemonade and finish with a slice of lemon. It should give a layered effect from the lemonade to the ice tea until stirred

Double Cross citrus infused vodka

Take three lemons and one lime per fifth (750ml) bottle of Double cross vodka peel the lemons and limes and use just the zest of the fruits in the vodka the infusion will take in about 5hrs I suggest no longer than 24hrs unless you managed to peel only the zest no piff for those who don’t know that would be the white area between the meat of the fruit and the zest.  Remove the citrus zest and enjoy!


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