Days Gone

Days Gone, looks to be one of those games that could shape the direction of a gaming genre or it could be an ambitious fail that still raises the bar. What does that mean? It means that this game will be a game that helps shape and change the way we see this genre from now on. The only question will it be and idea or the stepping stone.

When you look at the Days Gone it looks beautiful and it also looks to have a great grasp on where the zombie genre should go from here. The idea that was brought to us by The Walking Dead that people are the thing to fear most. Still this game looks to bring the fear out of the wild with wolves and bears also roaming around to ruin your day. Traps are also lurking to take you out then there will be the fact that you must decide when to flee, hide or fight. All together Days Gone looks like the game you want to spend your money and hours on only question is will it deliver what we need as a gamer to keep you involved long after the honeymoon is over.

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