Back in day Brandon and Jeff were running around DC bartending and DJing the local scene of Washington DC. Now they run around the city talking about their Brewery DC Brau.

The two owners of DC Brau met while DJing night clubs in Washington, both with a love of beer both and thinking what the next step in life is? Step one was having a big open area where they could continue spinning the other, make beer and a little money doing it.

On April 15, 2014 all of the members of DC Brau will celebrate their 3rd anniversary. In June they will be expanding with 6 tanks which is all part of the continued growth of DC Brau. Now in stores and bars in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. On the day Vintage Grind was allowed to see the operation DC Brau just received a new canning machine and the employees were learning how to use the new item. The cans allow the environmentally conscious owners to have recyclable packaging from the cans to the plastic non-rings they use to the cardboard that cases are sent out on.

The cans are a big part of DC Brau so much so that I don’t think a bottle could ever be in their lineup. How can I say that… well their near iconic open can glass in which the draft beer is poured into is a start. Brandon told us they came up with the idea when looking at one of the empty cans before it was sealed. Simple enough and it is now the glass of choice for so many DC Brau drinkers. The other great thing about the DC Brau lineup is the names Citizen, Public, Corruption speak to the Washington DC environment and the On the Wings of Armageddon is also a great name and a great beer.On the day VG was at the brewery they had a test brew on tap Model Citizen Cream ale. Which surprised us as it jumped off the tongue with a sweetness and yet a standing flavor that said yes I am a beer. They told us it maybe a 1 time release something they are no stranger to with almost 3 dozen 1 timers under DC Brau belt.

DC Brau loves the local guys and it is a big reason why from merchandise to all of the wall art around the brewery they used local business and artists James Walker being one of them. This community attitude is a deep part of the owner’s roots to DC and the employees, from working with the local sports teams to events around the city of Washington.One of the great things about DC Brau is there events open to the public. From the free tours on the weekend to special events; including live music beginning the spring of 2014. These events also allow the owners to give the party a little life with their love of music. With spring and summer right around the corner the open door policy to have a good time is welcomed in the city of Washington DC.

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