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1st we have a lot of what looks to be no more delay with Destiny. 2nd We now have a trailer that explains the plot and gives us more history!

This is an exciting time for all gamers it looks as if the Destiny release date is locked in. It will mark the 1st next gen new property for the next gen cycle on all systems. Bungie has a bundle system coming out on the PS4 a sweet all white system with a white PS4 controller as well.  The alpha phase will be between June 12th to the 15th only for Play Station (shots fired) users on both the 3 and 4. There is no talks of an Xbox Destiny special bundle, at the same time I don’t know if I would rule one out. The bottom line is by September 9, 2014 the gates of Destiny open and gamers will finally get their greedy little hands (mine included) on Bungie’s new IP Destiny.

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