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Donny Goines branched out last year with Ink Different and made that his main focus. He also had an e-book release and stayed true to his music. With one year in the books on Ink DIfferent Donny is looking forward with a spring release and another in the Fall.

VG: Donny I know you have to be working on something music related. Do you have a Title for the project and is there any info you would like to tell the readers?

Donny: You can expect my new album Exorcism/Exodus to drop this Spring. I have a few orders of business to address first, but that is the main focus. I am gearing up to release that album in a huge way. It is Executive Produced by Lorenzo Gatti and I must say, it my greatest work to date. We recorded it at Quad Studios (Special shout out to Roz and Eleete) and you can expect it Spring 2013.

VG: Last year was big for you opening your own company, publishing a book and Success Served Cold. Is there something new on the horizon; to add to your bag of tricks?

Donny: I have too many tricks and not enough bags lol. All I can honestly say is this; expect nothing short of amazing this year. I am tired of downplaying my abilities. I was born to be the man I am today and nothing will stop me at this point.

VG: Your music is in a constant state of evolution. Will the music in 2013 continue to bring a new level of excellence?

Donny: I strive to bring out the best artist within me and never hold back. The moment you get too “comfortable” you start slipping and I’m not even in my prime. I’m just warming up to be completely honest. Many people don’t understand me fully yet, and may never will but as long as I understand I’m good. The real recognize it. That’s all that counts to me.

VG: Your drive is something that separates you from the pack. Did you learn values and strategies to accomplish the unthinkable; did your time in the military help you with your work ethic?

Donny: Thank you bro. That means a lot to me. For real. I am known world wide for my hustle and drive and I guess it comes naturally. I’m not the greatest artist… yet, but I will push the limits until I am. Most artists are too complacent for me taste. I’m from the land of hustlers, you can’t learn that anywhere. It has to be in your blood.

VG: You have begun to work with MTV artist. What is your role with them and could you explain the concept behind MTV artist?

Donny: I am an official Brand Ambassador for innovative platform and I encourage every artist to sign up. Simply put, it allows you to submit your music DIRECTLY to the executives up at MTV to be considered for usage by the network. My job simply put is to help the people connect with the brand and utilize it. It is a very impressive tool and I think people really need to go check it out if they haven’t already.

VG: Donny, you have collaborated with a ton of people in the industry. Who is the most memorable collaboration?

Doony: Easy. Champions Anthem. Bun B, Killer Mike, Pill, DJ Corbett and Maki. Amazing record.

VG: Is there any truth to you doing a Dubstep tour in 2013? If so is this your way of reaching out to other genres of music? I know you have a great deal of respect for all music regardless of the genre.

Donny: Who knows? We shall see right lol?

VG: You know a lot of people have family issues. I recently learned your father was away for better part of a decade. Do you and your father have a relationship or like so many others has it been strained to a breaking point?

Donny: I love my father. Everyone makes mistakes and honestly, I blame no one for anything. I forgive and move on. No time o harbor resentment or anything like that. I just spoke to him the other day. It’s all love.

VG: Over the summer Lil’ Wayne, let’s say poking of NYC statement of Flat out not liking the city. You were one of the first to fire back with a track. For you is it over and done with or is there still a bit of resentment for the statement?

Donny: It’s over. I said everything I needed to say and regret nothing. I will always speak my mind and the bottomline to me is simple, you uff with me and mines you got issues.

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