Double Cross (@doublecross) Review

Double Cross vodka has raised the bar, so be on notice. Forget saying this is one of the best vodkas – this is the one of the best spirits I have ever sampled. It is well balanced, thought out, design is striking and taste is, well, remarkable. With that said…

Welcome to the new age of vodka, Double Cross. Sorry, if it seems like praise on top of praise for Double Cross vodka; they just hit the nail on the head. When they say luxurious they mean it. Double Cross keeps a standard for their vodka that makes other standards look simple.  Seven-times distilled, seven-times filtered and only the best ingredients are used.

Slovakia is the home of Double Cross and the creator Dr. Jan Krak. He has said, “I’ve dedicated my entire career to creating the perfect vodka. Double Cross Vodka is my crowning achievement. I am honored to share it with the world.” Honestly with the level that Double Cross is on I can not disagree.

This is a vodka that can be considered a superior level vodka. Double Cross has reached the standards that it set. Double Cross is inviting on the nose, with a mild subtle scent. The first taste of the vodka is full-bodied, clean, and mild on the tongue. The finish leaves a mineral, citrus, medium finish. The second taste is just as welcoming as the first.

Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails… Double Cross is a martini lover’s dream. It is really smooth. The hint of citrus in Double Cross is opened up with the zest from a lemon twist in it. More importantly, the vermouth plays well with it, working nicely with the mineral earthiness of the vodka. For other cocktails where you would like the vodka to be in the background, Double Cross vanishes. Now, let’s talk ability to be creative. Double Cross is a mixologist’s dream. Think of it as a blank canvas.  It is only limited by your imagination. It allows you to do what you want without fighting against you. In the upcoming month, Vintage Grind will be infusing Double Cross with citrus and carrot. Double Cross vodka for infusions.

When you see a bottle of Double Cross, it is an eye-catching beauty. The metal logo is inlaid into the glass. The logo is also laser etched into the metal top. Once you lift the top, it reveals a red rubber cork that keeps your vodka safe and it is also crowned with the Double Cross logo. The front of the bottle is clean and allows you to see easily see the back, which is adorned with hand-drawn Slovakian poetry.

The overall experience of Double Cross vodka is one that will have you coming back for more. Even if it is a pricier vodka, it is worth it especially for a martini drinker. Seven-times distilled, seven-times filtered makes this vodka smooth, inviting and crisp. If you are looking to impress, Double Cross will not disappoint. On top of that the bottle is a conversation starter – everyone who see it will have an opinion. It is near perfect in design, execution and very taste worthy.

5 out of 5

95 points out of 100.

Crossed Lovers

  • 1 ½ oz. Double Cross vodka
  • 4 oz. Izze Grapefruit
  • 3 slices of fresh ginger
  • Garnished with a ruby red grapefruit.

Directions: muddle the fresh ginger and then add ice and Double Cross vodka shake the two and strain over ice in a high ball. Top with the Izze grapefruit and garnish with a ruby red grapefruit.

Cures Everything

  • 2 oz. Double Cross vodka
  • 1 oz. lemon juice
  • 4 oz. Sweet ice tea
  • Garnish with the lemon wheel

Directions: Ice a boston glass, add the lemon juice then the Double Cross finish with the Sweet Ice Tea. Shake hard and then pour over Ice in a collins glass garnish with a lemon wheel.

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