East Hampton

Did you kick off summer last weekend? Did you have a bunch of cocktails trying to find the one that spoke to you? Well step up and say “Hi!” to the East Hampton.

This maybe the simplest cocktail you could ever make. Step 1 grab a bottle of cucumber Square One vodka. Step 2 grab lemonade and step 3 enjoy! Before you ask why the East Hampton, well the cucumber it screams East Hampton. Cucumber in your water, cucumber in your finger food and why because cucumber is refreshing!   Wait, wait, wait… lemonade is also refreshing and that is why this is a summer cocktail that rocks simple and quick; still refreshing as hell!

East Hampton

2 oz. Square One cucumber vodka

4 oz. fresh lemonade

Garnish with a cucumber slice or lemon wheel

Directions pour the Square One cucumber vodka in a Boston glass add the fresh lemonade. Fill the glass with ice shake and then pour over ice in a highball glass garnish with a cucumber or lemon wheel.

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