Effen Vodka

Effen vodka is one of those dirty little secrets,  an elite vodka that simply never gets the exposure of other brands like Grey Goose or Kettle One.  Yes, those are the vodkas that it is comparable to; so, then how have you not heard of it?

Well Effen Doesn’t run around telling Everyone  their number one(Grey Goose) and not everyone can accidentally become a bartender’s favorite(hint, hint Kettle One)since for years Kettle One was the favorite vodka amongst bartenders. Some have to work hard and take on other markets(not USA focused). Seriously Effen is a great vodka just not with the same saturation of advertising.  Effen has just been flying under the radar, like other vodkas Vintage will look at this year: Boyd & Blair, Death’s Door, Hammer & Sickle, so on… and so on…

This vodka would make a martini that Bond would love. It would, in fact, make any classic vodka drink proud.  Like all vodkas, it doesn’t exactly have an aroma that one would say is delightful a well train nose may pick up hints of vanilla and honey sickle. On the other hand the taste is more appealing than comparable vodkas.  The smoothness of the Effen is amazing, the reverse osmosis process that Effen uses really does make a difference. You will notice the reverse osmosis giving the vodka a smoother taste that is worthy of high marks.

Next, the design: the bottle might as well be a vodka model, with its sleek lines, slender shape, and simple, yet eye catching design.The overall quality of Effen form the design with the clean logo and modern look of the bottle. The white rubber sleeve is more than a pretty… it also gives a grip to a cold bottle. Finally, you have the clean line of the Effen logo. Overall, the timeless, classic and minimalist appearance of the bottle matches the smoothness of the vodka.

O, by the way Effen as not lost touch with the simple fact. That well, it says Effen. In its advertising you find the playful element of the double meaning. Such as it is better by a fire or on a plane. The actual  meaning of the word Effen in Dutch means smooth.  Who knows honest accident or purposely placed it really doesn’t matter.  The idea of saying can I have an Effen martini on a bad day is a stress release.

At the end of the day, Effen is a vodka that demands attention and respect. It also gives you a chance to experience something that is outside of the norm with the satisfaction that one would expect.  If you enjoy a martini, vodka tonic, or exploring craft cocktails, you will find that this is a playmate that will give you all you ask for and more.

4 out of 5

Vodka Martini

  • 2oz. of Effen vodka
  • ½oz. of Nolle Pratt dry vermouth
  • Garnish with a Lemon twist or 3 olives

Directions: When on the rocks just combine ingredients Effen vodka and Nolle Pratt dry vermouth in a rocks glass. For up, place all ingredients Effen vodka and Nolle Pratt dry vermouth in a pint glass and ether stir with a bar spoon or shake with a bar tin. Pour into a up(martini) glass and garnish with a lemon twist or olives.

Izze Driver

  • 1½oz. of Effen vodka
  • 3oz. Izze sparkling clementine
  • Garnish with a orange peel

Direction: Pour Effen Vodka and Izze sparkling clementine over ice. Garnish with an orange twist

Espresso Martini

  • 1½oz. of Effen vodka
  • ½ Traders Vic chocolate
  • ½ of espresso
  • Add a soft cream foam and a ground coffee bean as a garnish

Directions: Start with the foam,1 oz. of heavy cream, two dashes of vanilla extract(for my organic lovers vanilla bean syrup)non organic one teaspoon of sugar. Then whip it into a foam think the same consistency of the foam on a cappuccino. For the drink pour the ingredents Effen vodka, Traders Vic Chocolate liqueur, and a half shot of espresso per martini, over ice in a pint glass, shake with the tin and glass. Strain into a up(martini) glass. Garnish with the soft cream foam and a crushed espresso bean.


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