Ride Along

Director- Tim Story

Kevin Hart may have a movie coming out this week, but he already has another in the works. He got together with Ice Cube and John Leguizamo to make Ride Along.

Ironically we have the man that inked the song "Fuck da Police" playing James (Ice Cube) a Atlanta police detective. Then there is Ben (Hart) who is planning on asking James if he can marry his sister. James doesn't think he is man enough to be with his sister Angela (Sumpter). So Ben is forced to show James that he is man enough all 4 feet of him by taking a ride along with James on the mean streets.

This is a Cube Vision movie so there will be laughs and sequels that is not a bad thing. With the cast that has been assembled and the fact that Cube never let's us down, I look forward to January and laughing my ass off!

January 17, 2014-Wide

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