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Glam.I.Rock is a rapper/producer hip-hop head by right of BRITH. Yes not one but, both parents are known artists out in Cali and the hip-hop community. We took some time to talk Cali, The Feel and her feelings about being a hip-hop artists. With The Feel soon to be available to the masses it seemed like a perfect time to do a Q&A. Get to know Glam.I.Rock so you can claim you heard her first!!!

Vintage Grind: With Cali having so many teams hot right now which one do you follow? Which MC would you say out of the teams do you feel reflects your style and drive?

Glam.I.Rock: Well there's only so many teams..You got MMG and you got YMCMB and a few underground groups, I like Black Hippy, and no one necessarily in particular from that group that I would say is better or reflects more to me but them as a team/crew. I'm down with anyone who understands the power of sound and music!

Vintage Grind: The Feel is your third offering to the hip-hop world, are you looking for a label? Are you good with just staying independent?

Glam.I.Rock: If the right deal comes then I'm down, but as far as looking for a major to scoop me up? nah not right now. So many pros and cons to the independent world, but I'd have to say in this moment in time I'm okay with spreading organically/independent. I like having control and creating my vision and that's not to say that you don't have control in all cases but it is common in some.

Vintage Grind: On the album FBGM, I felt like I knew the song already. The base of the beat reminds me of 93 til.. from Souls of MIschief. Are you a fan of S.O.M. and what other old school artist influenced you out of the California scene? With both of your parents being rappers I can only image the amount of exposure you got of all hip-hop.

Glam.I.Rock: My song "Ninety 3" has the "93 Til' Sample" in it. Definitely a fan of S.O.M. along with Nic-Nac and Dangerous Dame (My Parents), Yo-Yo, Dre, Cube, goes further than Cali though; Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Kanye, Common and more.

Vintage Grind: Now The Feel is a must to go and download, my favorite track is Moontalk. If you meet someone that never heard of you what is the one song you would tell them to listen too?

Glam.I.Rock: I'd tell them to listen to "Feel"; that song in a nutshell states everything that I'm feeling right now at this point in my career. If you look past the cockiness and the Dahmer metaphors..I just want people to know that I'm serious! lol I feel that me being the one that wrote and produced the song takes the gender out of my music and for women to know that you can still get the recognition you deserve without sex. Instead of seeing me as a "female emcee"; I'm just a musician.

Vintage Grind: If you could go on tour, get mentored and help recording an album with a known artist kind of like Snoop got to do with Dr Dre. who would that be? Do you think that you have the stage presence to take on 20 or 30 thousand people in an arena tour?

Glam.I.Rock: It'd have to be Pharrell, what he's done musically for people, his words, all of it is so inspirational and timeless. I admire his longevity as a producer and an artist, he is a prime example of staying relevant without conforming to any trend or type of music that may be hot for the next 5 minutes.

Vintage Grind: I know you have spent time in LA and Oakland is home. Have you been able to get to the East Coast and the South to give any shows or just have a blast and get a feel for their vibe?

Glam.I.Rock: I've been to New York and Atlanta at earlier points in my career but I definitely plan to go in the near future for shows and to catch a vibe.

Vintage Grind: When you are not rehearsing, writing and listening to your own music. What does Glam.I.Rock listen to, who is on that Glam.I.Rock Playlist?

Glam.I.Rock: I really enjoy oldies and instrumentals. If you go through my playlist you'll see some Isley Brothers, Tribe Called Quest, Flying Lotus, Samiyam, and some underground dope folks.

Vintage Grind: Do you feel that women have enough of a presence in the hip-hop world of 2013? Would you like to see more of them? If you could spend a day with a female MC of the past do you have someone in mind?

Glam.I.Rock: Women will always have a presence in the hip hop world period. I wouldn't say that it's not enough but not enough of the spectrum OF women. We're all so different but it's so easy to put us all in this box. I wouldn't mind spending a day with Queen Latifah, she's accomplished so much as a woman and not just in music in entertainment period. Being a woman and black at that I can only imagine the obstacles that she had to jump through to get to where she is so I would definitely like to pick her brain lol


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