Queen of the Town

Have you spent the last year listening to Good Lyrics and Music? For most people the answer is no and for the rest of you do not know that is what G.L.A.M stands for in the GLAM.I.Rock name. This hip-hop artist out of Oakland California (The Town) and she is just that an artist and every day you ignore her music is another lost chance to enjoy it.
GLAM's music is much more than a rhyme spit over dope beats. She has taking the pain staking time to create a thought over a dope beat and give it a soul.

What does that mean? A song has a soul it is not an empty action that seems foolish later. Instead a song has a soul and will ingrain a memory of a place, time, person or event. Take GLAM's song Lights (off of FBGM) it tells a story of the allure of a spotlight, stage, media, for a performer to become a star. Yet it does more it paints a picture if you gave this song to a video director they would already have a clear vision from the lyrics. The beat is used to create tension and then a thought and emotion that syncs up with the lyrics.
GLAM is much more than someone trying to become famous, instead she is someone that has found an infinity for music which should come as no surprise. Both of her parents are hip-hop artists as well on her album "The Feel" she speaks on this. One of the greatest parts of "The Feel" is the ongoing interview in-between songs on the album that allows you to have a glimpse into GLAM's thoughts while making the album and a look into her past.
Now I know to some they will see the video for "The Feel" or the title of "Mobb1n" and think are these songs that will remind you of the Gangsta Rap of the 90's coming out of California? The answer is NO the song "Mobb1n" is more or less about life and everyday struggles and enjoyments with a hint of stress in the lyrics about the only thing gangsta about the song is its super mellow beat. "Feel" is a raw beat and aggressive lyrics and where the video does have tones that could be consider gangsta it is more a hip-hop shots fire. What does that mean the video and song send a message that GLAM is coming for the hip-hop status as a Queen of female MC's so take notice.
GLAM is a special dual threat not only does she write her own songs, she also produces most of her own music. GLAM's beats have a vibe to them and you can tell that it has "The Town" (Oakland) stank all over it and there is no confusing the fact that GLAM is form "The Town" (Oakland) and her music production is on point and is a clear representation of her commitment to music.
Because of Nicki Manji's status in hip-hop most people instantly compare her to Nicki, which is a compliment to GLAM if you take a step back and think about it. GLAM would be easier to compare to Missy Eliot. Missy was an artist first and a performer second and that is not taking anything away from Nicki Manji that is now a worldwide brand. GLAM has a focus on how her music makes you feel and the way it will effect years from now. If there is one chink in the armor of GLAM.I.Rock it is that she does not have a club banner or dance track and that does not have me concerned. Mostly because the other artist she reminds me of is unsigned Kanye West. If there is one thing that Mr. West and Miss Eliot can do is make great club bangers and I believe it is only a matter of time before we get one from GLAM.I.Rock. After that it is only a matter of time before GLAM as a self-filling prophecy before GLAM sellout the Oakland Coliseum!


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Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy

Thursday, 01 June 2017


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