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New York Times Da Youngfellas latest album pays homage to some of the songs that made 90s Hip-Hop one of the greatest decades in music period and quite frankly the project is on fire. We got to ask Da Youngfellaz few questions about the project and are glad to present it here on Vintage Grind!

Vintage Grind: Was there a conversation about sampling a Nas line for a track, it was a trend with 90s Hip-Hop.

Jay Storm: There was definitely a conversation about sampling Nas, I think me or Biz was in the studio one night and it just came to mind, we told our producer HitmakerDot about it and he was with it, Still Representin' was actually one of the last songs we recorded for "The New York Times" and it just worked out to be the first single. We were really feeling that one, we played it for Cory Gunz and a few other guys at the studio before releasing it and everyone's reaction was just like "yeah, that's the one". As far as 90s Hip-Hop being a trend, I do see it being a trend currently, but this is something we've been doing since 2012 with "The Underclassmen EP", I'm just glad artists are able to hear something and be inspired enough to tap into the essence of Hip-Hop and give New York City a sound again, it's needed.

Vintage Grind: On the track "Take a Chance" there is a line from Jay Strom "can't fuck with too many Niggaz, if you ain't come from my past" have you had issues with people that have enter your life since Da YoungFellaz have been coming up?

Jay Storm: Yeah, there has definitely been some trust issues, so many people with so many broken promises both in the music business and in my personal life. In this business, I feel like I can only trust Sho-Biz, Joe and Ralph Myerz, that's it, with my friends & family, I have to really build a relationship with you for me to really say "I fuck with you", there are family members I barely speak to who I kind of look at like, "We shouldn't front, we don't really fuck with each other like that". My Mom tries to make sure there's a relationship there, between me and extended members of our family, but if we aren't building or never really built, then it'll be us just forcing it. It's definitely gotten worst since people started hearing more about our accomplishments, everyone starts looking for ways to benefit from those opportunities and make it seem like we're cool like that, you have to have tunnel vision and makes sure the right people are in that car riding with you. Have to stay focused.

Vintage Grind: Now that Sal Capone is with New Rich. Could we possibly see the addition of a Crome project in the near future also under New Rich?

Sho-Biz: Right now everything is YF and then Sal Capone but I mean absolutely Crome is extended family we've been working Cohesively for a couple years in and out of each others sessions , featuring on a bunch of unreleased joints. So I can definitely see that happening in the future for sure.

Vintage Grind: "You Still Luv Me" and "Braggin' Rights" have a bit of the old Da YoungFellaz with a fun and more soulful side can we expect to see a merger of the old Da YoungFellaz with the newer more assertive side that came along with songs like "Fake" and continue with "The Key to Life" and other tracks on New York Times?

Sho-Biz: Of Course that's what we try to do with each project we drop , we try to merge what your used to hearing from us with something totally new to show growth. We never go into a session with a kind of record in mind we basically work from scratch with the producer weather it be Bravestarr , HitMakerDot, Ralph Myerz etc. we go in with a blank canvas and paint as we go whatever the beat says to us is what we build off of. I like to think that everything we do is a mixture of past projects with Newer sounds. Sometimes we just wanna get ignorant and Have fun on tracks (something people say we don't do enough lol) and other times we just want to talk that real BRNXLYN shit that ppl know us for .

Vintage Grind: The title track "The New York Times" truly shows your love and passion for Hip-Hop with the energy and tone. At what stage of this project did this song begin to take shape was it at the beginning or sometime after the project was decided to be the next offering from Da YoungFellaz?

Jay Storm: It was definitely in the beginning, we had 3 different producers shaping the sound to that record, I guess you can say 4 and 5 because the way it came out was the way we envisioned it in our heads. From the piano intro into Biggie's Everyday Struggle track, we actually called the mixtape "The New York Times" before we started the recording process so a light bulb came on immediately and we thought, vocals from Raekwon scratching into Biggie is a must. HitmakerDot built most of the beat, from the Dave Grusin sample of "Either Way" to them knocking drums, Bravestarr then came in and added his spice to it and we ended things with scratches from my boy Ehstar. I probably enjoyed creating that track the most, everyone in there sharing ideas definitely made it a memorable moment for this project. The Pain in the Ass vocals happened maybe like a week before the mixtape dropped, we linked with him uptown and the rest is history from there, good looks on that Pain.

VIntage Grind: Sho-Biz gets his man with the track "Still Repressentin" did this track speak to you (Sho-Biz) more than others?

Sho-Biz: That's one of my favorite Nas tracks of all time so I felt it was important to do it justice. I was like if I do this joint I want to do it totally different from Nasir but have the same element of real. like I wanted to kill it so much that if Nas heard it he'll be like "Damn these young Niggas Bodied my shit" lol that was my motivation going into recording "Still Representin" on top of that I wanted the hook to be more melodic since that's kinda what I'm known for while still adding the "REPRESENT REPRESENT" that Nas did on the original.

Vintage Grind: "Where U Been" has a victory lap feel to it. With the success of Da YoungFellaz overseas will there be a tour in Europe anytime soon?

Jay Storm: We just had a 3-week tour out there in May of last year right after our Grammy win in Norway, we hit up a bunch of different cities, had an amazing time, peace to Oystein Fyxe, Ciscoe & Ralph Myerz for putting that together and making it happen. We were able to record our debut album, 2 music videos, along with a bunch of dope photo shoots, I mean the way our lives work, we'll most likely end up over there again for the album promo, definitely since we're working on an international release. The debut is called "BRNXLYN", and it's our connection between The Bronx and Brooklyn, it creates a place where people from all over the world can come and enjoy some good music along with a good time and good vibes. Never a dull moment with us. So there are a bunch of different places we'll be at this year and next, just make sure you guys stay up-to-date with our website and social networks for more details.

Vintage Grind: "The 6ixth Man" is a perfect track for the summer might we see a video for the track before the end of the summer. If not have Da YoungFellaz decided on the next song for a possible video?

Sho-Biz: The 6ixth Man Is one of my favorite joints and all my homeboys by me up like "yall really talked yall Fly shit on that imaginary player joint" it was just an overall fun joint to do and it's dope we got to flip a Hov joint lol, next up were shooting "All I need" we're definitely planning on shooting a couple more after that we don't have the specifics on what songs were gonna make visuals for as of yet, (If it was up to us we'd shoot all of them lol) but the option is still open for any one of the songs off of NYT. Might be a "The 6th Man" visual coming soon.... Just gotta wait and see lol


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