Ex Machina

What if someone out there right now is creating the machine that would end humanity? What if they wanted it to walk among us undetected? What if someone’s own genius was free to do whatever they want? What completely unique creature would they create?

Director – Alex Garland

Nathan Batman (Oscar Isaac) a CEO that has created something quite special and a programmer Caleb Smith (Gleeson) is there to test his new creation. What is the creation… an AI named Ava (Vikander) Caleb is there to experience just how real the program Ava is. She exhibits thought, emotion and sexuality and has the ability to change her look by the way she is a robot. That means faster stronger and possibly smarter than her creator. As this very odd threesome becomes a little more confused by who is manipulating who and that is how things get dangerous.

April 10, 2015 – Limited
Sci-Fi, Mystery, Drama
108 minutes

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