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Should LeBron James win the Finals MVP even if the Cavs lose?  This is a big question and one that should not be overlooked. The last time a losing team’s player won the MVP was Jerry West in 1969 how does LeBron stack up to West?

Jerry West vs LeBron James in getting a NBA Finals MVP in a possible losing effort for LeBron James and with Jerry West winning the Finals MVP in a losing effort in 1969. Jerry West was able to win the award after losing the NBA title to the Boston Celtics. The Logo (West) had a better supporting cast that also did not show up. Wilt shooting percentage was 50% and he only averaged 11.7 PPG and was able to average 25 rebounds per game. Still it seems the defense Bill Russell was effective against the scoring machine of Wilt. Wilt point production went down, his assist went down and the rebounds were about the same this allowed for West to average 37.9 points which is kind of crazy.  Up from 25.9 for West in the regular season. Why this is important His point total went up 10 points per game and Chamberlain went down 8.3 from his regular season average. West picked up his slack.  After that West did about the same thing he had done all season, with the possibility that he picked up some steals and/or blocks because those stats were not tracked.

LeBron has a little more to deal with then West who had Wilt and Elgin. LeBron has lost his most wanted player with Kevin Love and his sidekick in Kyrie Irving. James Averaged 25.3 points 6 rebounds and 7.4 assist per game during the regular season in the Finals he is averaging 36.6 points 12.4 rebounds and 8.4 assist.  That is almost averaging a triple double a game and that is insane.  To say that LeBron is the most valuable player of the NBA Finals is an understatement right now he is the best player in the world. If you can say that Jerry West was deserving of the MVP and LeBron is not you are crazy. With that said I wonder if LeBron would want to raise the trophy in a losing effort that maybe the real question to ask. LeBron is carrying his team in the Finals and this is a glimpse at why any player needs help in the NBA to win a trophy.  The amount of energy it takes out of any player is evident when watching LeBron fight, push and challenge with every breath.  This is why for years he was been looked at as being a failure because he wasn’t win on his own. At this moment he is giving us the MVP performance in the Finals because he did have some help getting to this point. Now he is giving it all he has and the numbers prove that yet it still isn’t enough, maybe it is time that all of us realize that Basketball is still a team game.

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