Fist Fight

Fist Fight came out in February and I had interest in seeing it but ended up missing Fist Fight in the theaters. It took me some time to watch it at home but I finally did, twice… why? To see if it is worth the rent price to watch it now.

Fist Fight has somethings going for it right off the bat Ice Cube and Charlie Day. A school full of senior pranks seems like it could work well then finally a teacher fight. So why does this movie fail with the critics and is a 50/50 with people who see it? The first issue is the fact that the cruse words are thrown around a little too much to make up for clever jokes. It also has too many charters and because of this, some are just wasted. This is an issue it would have had better use if certain charters were more developed and seen more often. Then they would have a better chance of sticking with you. On the other hand, if you stick this movie out it is a fun movie. The dynamics between Strickland (Cube), Campbell (Day) and Principal Tyler (Norris) is awesome. The scenes that have all three of them are great. Strickland is a well-developed character we know why everyone fears him, we see him acting slightly crazy and his motives are used welled. Campbell is also a good character in the movie and you see him change as the movie progresses.

By the end of the movie you can enjoy what the day has brought him to; in many ways Campbell is the Craig from Friday and we can enjoy his frantic journey to the end. The school is also a central part of the plot, it works in ways and in other ways it is over-exaggerated. The attitude of the senior pranks works well, the million other issues with the students goes too far. All of that is a mood point because the end question is… is it worth the rent? The answer is yes, you have to turn off logic and breathe a little at the beginning. After that there is some good comedy here with a fun attitude and when all is said and done if you know it is not a classic going into it you can find the diamond under the rough exterior.

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