Director – Robert Zemeckis

In November Denzel Washington gave one of those oscar like performances once again. A cast that is simply showing us what it is like to be top notch helped him tell that story. Robert Zemeckis gave us a beautiful image of a darker side of day to day life. It all came together as Flight.

Flight is the story of Whip Whitaker(Washington) a pilot with tremendous skill and ability. His relationship with others and how alcohol and drugs affect his life and those around him. After a normal morning for Whip, he finds himself in a life and death struggle after the plane he is captain of has a malfunction. Whip with the help of Ken(Geraghty) and Margaret(Tunie)they are able to crash land the plan; with minimum loss of life.

From there we find out more about Whip’s life his past, present and a glimpse of a possible future. Things are hard for him, Whip is seen as a hero. Whip feels more like a villain knowing his condition at the time. With everyone having their own reasons to keep Whips private life secret and sadly enough not a surprise.

Flight is a remarkable movie form the acting, writing and the directing. It is not often that a movie hits on all cylinders Fight is one of those. From every angle point and decisions that were made in this production it seems right on. Fight is an amazing film and the only downfall is the fact that it is a true drama, and not exactly an uplifting story. That said it is a must see and a unbelievable 138 minutes that will keep your attention.

138 minutes


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