Freaks (@FrencHMonTanA)

It is the weekend and what says weekend better than bottle service, being dressed to nines and nights that end at midday? A club banger… French Montana has brought the heat, with Nicki Minaj.

The intro to the track just makes you want to rush the dance floor. The images in this video make you want to be on that dance floor. French Montana’s video Freaks is our first look at Excuse My French the album to be released this spring/summer from Bad Boy. This long awaited album from French Montana and from what we see here high production album. Is sure to own the clubs well into 2014 and Freaks is one hell of a JUMP off track to the night.

French Montana seems to be everywhere right now and with Bad Boy backing him, he should.  Freaks is another example of high quality coming out of the Bad Boy; French is a talented MC that has earned the right to be on Bad Boy records.  Now the real question where is the AQUAhydrate? I need that next to the Ciroc all night while, I get my freak on.

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