Free Fire (Review)

Free Fire is an under the radar movie that Martin Scorsese produced and it is well worth the entry fee and is a good time for the 85-minute run time. Ben Wheatley directed Free Fire and it is something that will remind you of some of the best standoff movies ever.


Free Fire at first seems like it will be a quick to the punch, instead you get a fast pace slow burner the type of movie that gives you a reason to say well that is a great little treat what is next. The visuals are prefect balance of modern look with the style of the era Free Fire takes place in. The next treat is the banter that runs its course it will not give off the same perfection as a Tarantino movie but it is awfully close. Especially between Ord (Armie Hammer) and Frank (Michael Smiley) that have a joyful playfulness between the two that mostly want to put a bullet in each other. It is hard to explain the genius with Free Fire without spoiling the movies delightful charm.

The acting is as expected from this ensemble of a cast of this talent Larson, Hammer, Copley, and Murphy all giving the type of performances you want as they raise the level of acting throughout the entire cast of capable actors. They all manage to foreshadow and keep secrets all at the same time just like a relevant story teller. The performances giving together work just like the ingredients to a prefect dish.

When you get down to the end of Free Fire you find yourself reflecting on the remarkable movie that has just passed. To understand the full scope of its brilliance you must see it yourself or have it ruined, by knowing all there is to know. This is not a simple gun them down movie, it instead uses chance, greed and envy to give you more than expected when you first sat down. Free Fire does not take itself to serious at the same time it is well aware of the fact it could not just have a bunch of people shooting at each other.

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