Furious 7 Review

Furious 7 takes about 3 minutes to make Deckard Shaw (Statham) seem like a caring normal human and then they say well that shit is over! From that point on it was a rollercoaster ride until you get to the end then it is a celebration.

There is no way to go into a Fast and Furious movie and expect the laws of physics, nature and the healing power of the human body to be realistically shown. Everyone in this a movie has Wolverine’s healing powers and quite frankly it is ok. Let’s just say that the vehicles are not the only thing that takes a beating. After that this is the movie to kick off the summer!

Furious 7 is about an impossible mission then another and not to mention the fact the great fights in this movie Shaw vs. Hobs (Johnson) Letty (Rodriguez) vs. Bodyguard (Rousey) then Shaw vs. Toretto (Diesel) and that is the realist part of the movie. This is the popcorn movie that summer movies over the top special effects and amazing stunts.

As far as the acting and the plot goes there were issues with some of the acting and the development of parts with the characters. The plot does jump around a bit and that is a little crazy but at the same time the Fast franchise is about one upping itself and that means raising the bar. The one thing Furious 7 does is raise the bar and has me wondering where the next one will take us.

The director James Wan seemed to follow the Fast and Furious standard. With that said it was hard to pick out where his stamp was on the movie. Expect for the abundance of booty shots. Still the action was fluid and it was very well shot. The only thing I would have liked to see was a little bit more time with the guest appearances. With that said there has to be giving a pass for the fact that this movie was disrupted and almost canceled. Furious 7 at the end of the day is a solid movie and James Wan did nothing to hurt anything the franchise James did exactly what he was hired to do. Make a movie that would hold its own against the other Fast and Furious franchise.

What does it all mean? It means if you want to great stunts, amazing cars dangerous situations and death defying moments go see Furious 7. If you want to see what the pace is of the summer movies 2015 will be go see Furious 7. If you want to see an academy award performance stay away. The final take on Furious 7 is a solid 4 out of 5.

Rating 4 out of 5

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