Glam.I.Rock (@Glamirock)

Glam.I.Rock is showing that the west coast still has much to give to Hip-Hop. A female MC hailing out of Oakland, California. So we aren’t talking about another MC out of LA even if she spent time in both cities growing up. Quite frankly I am glad to see a MC out of the O ready to make noise.

The EP The Feel is crucial, just listen to it and let it ride out. If it is a preview of things to come the future looks like a better day. M0bb1n is one of my favorite track on the EP, there is no lack of quality on the EP. Whether you are listening to Silly Heaux or Bowl you won’t find much on The Feel that is one of those moments. Between the beats and the melody timing from Glam you can see how well put together The Feel truly is!

Bottom line Glam.I.Rock has been burning up mics since 2009 and she shows no sign of slowing down. If you think that is a problem, you’re more than likely her competition. Everyone else is patiently waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. Trust once the beat drops on The Feel you will be hooked!


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