GTA is a franchise that is founded with controversy still that is not all it is known for. From a culture that is gone to a place of ridiculousness of some of the situations. The homages for crime drama movies the franchise is a true form of entertainment.

So is 5 the work of art that 4 was, the sad answer is no! It is almost as if GTA is taking a step back in the story mode for the glory of online play. This is the future and everyone is trying to walk the line between great story mode and great online. With that said GTA is doing the fiscally responsible thing, even if it means less story in the story mod e for a bit.

The Taxis in GTA 4 were brilliant to be able to get across town without all the driving was perfect and now it is gone. Back to the driving around that some love and others loathe and the loathers are the problem because they are the group that is turned off. Something that was fixed is now broken. The other issue of a turn back are the cheat codes, now normally I wouldn’t be an advocate for easy cheats, but the cellphone cheats in GTA 4 made the game a different style of play. Now we are back to the button mashing and where true gamers don’t always use the cheats because of the plenty of losing a chance to gain achievements it is a little too much for the casual gamer.

After all of that the game begins to shine, and be warned the cops really don’t want to take you in alive. The graphics have been upgraded again and it looks great. The cars are more abundant, fun to drive and look even more like their real life counterpart. The story being told thru the eyes of three different charters and sometimes a dog (really guys) is awesome. The fact that they all are bad asses is a plus and yes that includes the dog.

At the end of the day GTA 5 is a spectacular game in a year that is overloaded with games of that level. Because of that it is definitely a must have for all the GTA fans. For everyone else I would take Saints Row 4 over it, if you must choose. With that said I believe that this will solidify the legacy of GTA and in any other year a clear candidate for game of the year. This year it is more of a mention and will be based on one’s personal opinion.

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