Hail Caesar Review

Hail Caesar was one of my most anticipated movies of the year, and it did not disappoint. The Coen brothers once again proved they are capable directors and by capable I mean one of the best.

Hail Caesar, is basically a love letter to old Hollywood. The movie itself is a wonderful way of telling the story of a kidnap movie star by giving us a main character that has a lot going on. When you go on this journey you find yourself seeing set pieces and scenes that take you back to a bygone era. At the same time they do tell three different stories and they are all interlinked into one common thread.

The overall plot does jump around a little bit but once the movie gets rolling it is not a problem. However the first 25 minutes of the movie do seem to drag after that you get a nice beat by beat in a rhythm that seems harmonious. Of course this coming Coen brothers film have excess talent all over. The PR team did all of us a disservice by showing big name actors and actresses that are in small roles in the movie. It does not take away from the movie but it does infuriate at first notice.

Now, going into this movie if you would have told me that Channing Tatum would have been my favorite part of the movie I would have laughed. Tatum damn near stole this movie that is how good he was in his part he simply was the best actor on screen for this film.

With all things considered I will have to say that this movie at the end of the year will be considered a let down for me. I was hoping that I could say it was a must see event instead if you love the Coen brothers for Hollywood movies from the past then this is a must see movie. For everyone else it is a good movie it is a definite option but it is not that high grade of must see. With so many great movies on the horizon this one fell short of true greatness for 2016.

4 out of 5

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