Hanger 1 vodka

It may be September and the sun maybe giving us are last chance for a great beach weekend and with Hanger 1 vodka out of California knows all about the summer life. Take a moment and enjoy your favorite vodka cocktail with Hanger 1 vodka.

Hanger 1 vodka was a bit of a letdown for me I say this because I had hoped it would give Double Cross the only 5 out of 5 vodka rating on Vintage Grind a run for its money it did not. Hanger 1 an American vodka out of California and it is one of the best American vodkas I have enjoyed this year it fails to cross over into the remarkable line of G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) it still is enjoyable in many ways.

The vodka comes off the nose a little hot but the flavor even straight will quickly make you think differently this what Hanger 1 straight vodka has going for it a smooth finish and it immediately will have you re-think the aroma. Hanger 1 vodka will disappear cocktails just as a great vodka should allowing for experimenting with about anything you like.  It also plays well with classic cocktails, so where is the issue? The issue is it never blows your socks off, but it doesn’t exactly let you down either.  If you go into a bottle of Hanger 1 thinking it is average you will be happily surprised; if you go into it thinking it will be the best you ever had you will think damn it is just not there. Hanger 1 is a high quality vodka, it is the expectation that Hanger 1 sets by making some of the best flavored vodka on the market that lets you down just a bit. Still the straight vodka does score high marks for a vodka.

The best thing that Hanger 1 has done is the new design of the bottle to match the quality of the vodka.  The bottle now represents the vodka it is like well-designed car or sharp looking building on a city skyline.  Not to mention the great measuring markers on the side.  After you get over the beauty of the bottle there is a certain smooth taste to Hanger 1 vodka that makes you think this will work well as a Vesper or vodka martini.  It also is the type of vodka that you expect to make a great vodka cocktail and there is only a dozen vodkas I have tasted that I would put in front of it for drinking straight or chilled.

When you get to the bottom line of Hanger 1 vodka you see a solid vodka the two things that make you have doubt is the price and if the value of the vodka is worth price. After that there is just nit-picking that hurts Hanger 1 vodka yes the aroma isn’t inviting and it is not remarkably smooth.  If you are looking to add a new vodka to arsenal I do recommend picking up a couple of bottles; if you want something that is great to talk about Hanger 1 vodka will also get the job done.  All of this gets Hanger 1 vodka a 4 out of 5.

Rating 4 out of 5

Peach (IZZE) Sparkle

2 oz. Hanger 1 vodka
4 oz. IZZE Peach sparkling
½ oz. Vanilla bean simple syrup


Fill a hi-ball or double old fashion glass with ice and then pour the vanilla simple syrup, add the Hanger 1 vodka while stirring with a bar spoon slowly add the IZZE Peach sparkling and garnish with a slice of peach or vanilla bean.

Vanilla bean syrup

Take 1 vanilla bean per 1 cup of sugar and 1 ¼ cup of water. Put the vanilla bean in a pot with the water and bring the water to a boil then bring it to a simmer.  Add the sugar until the sugar is dissolved into the water with the vanilla bean. Let the mixture chill and remove the vanilla bean (you can choose to leave the vanilla bean in) then it is ready to use.


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