Hardcore Henry

This should be the movie that tells the world that you can make a video game movie that is good. Unfortunately, it is an original property that has nothing to do with any video games the only thing that makes a video game connection at first glance is that it is in 1st person the whole way.

Director – Ilya Naishuller

Ok to start off this has a lot more to do with a video game plot. The main character is just about invincible after being rebuilt. Then just as he is become himself his wife is taken by the bad guys. Now someone might say this is just a plot device then they have a guide tell him that there is an army between him and her. O and did I mention that the hero can’t talk giving you the chance to hear you thought and dive deeper into the main character illusion that you are them.

April 8, 2016 – Wide
Action, Adventure, Drama
90 minutes
Bazelevs Productions

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