Hell Have No Fury

This morning I have heard a lot of talk about what is a good comparison to Brazil’s lose to Germany? The simple answer nothing, nothing is comparable! If you take time to actually think of the sport of futbol I won’t disrespect the Brazilians by calling it soccer. Then factor in the fact that the Brazil team had not lost in Brazil in 39 years. Those two things should be enough but wait there is more!

Let’s start with the sport of futbol it is at a pinnacle worldwide it is more popular on a global stage than any other sport. Yes, that includes football. The NFL wishes it had the worldwide appeal of futbol. I think that in America we sometimes forget that are population is only in the 300 million range and the worlds population estimated 7.2 billion. In the sport of futbol every four years the national team gets together and plays for the World Cup. This is also important since the best futbol is played in Europe with players from all over the world.  Just as the NBA is the best league to play basketball in even if the players are from all over.

Brazil was all but a shoe in for this World Cup, and that’s why you play the game… right. In this case the game the outcome was and is unbearable. A 7-1 loss in futbol is the equivalent of a 49-3 loss in football, baseball it is hard to say how many runs a team would have to score to have this effect. Basketball we would be talking about Jordan’s Bulls losing by 50pts in a game 7. Did I mention that Jordan would be on the bench? Neymar a striker for Brazil was out of the rest of the World Cup; does that mean things would have been different? I can’t say it might have been closer.

There is also the fact that Brazil was undefeated at home for 39 years. This would be the opposite of being the host city for the Super bowl where no team has ever hosted and played in the Super bowl. Not to mention that Brazil had seemed to be coasting right along to World Cup #6, yup if Brazil had a World Cup nickname it would be title state.  It was expected for Brazil to win the cup this year and even if they lost in say a shootout or 1-0 it would been heartbreaking but that is it.  The massacre that occurred yesterday afternoon… was a horror and for anyone to compare it to any one other sporting event is wrong the team legacy and expectation was too great. The animosity from rival countries too strong and at the end of the day there is only the next World Cup to get over this one.  No other sport to help them forget. If in 2018 Brazil is a merciless machine with no heart for other teams it will be from embers of the flame out we all witnessed on July 8th, 2014.

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