Bad Boys For Life

Bad Boys for Life is the third Bad Boys movie that has taken a long time to get here. This is the end of the trilogy that started in 1995, sequel in 2003 and now in the start of 2020 we have the final…


Black Panther

With Thor right around the corner and the drooling fanboys wanting to see an Avengers trailer it is clearly the time to promote Black Panther. I know it seems like no but yes it is time the movie will be out in February and it is in line for the promo machine. (more…)


People Say

Wu-Tang is back with another hot track and video this is that classic early 90s less is more and the track is the most important thing style of video. It is great to see the Wu-Tang Clan coming back for one more banger. (more…)


Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi

At the end of the day Star Wars will overtake any trailer that has come out and to prove it, they released a trailer right after NYC comic-con. The Last Jedi trailer arrived on MNF and that was the point of MNF for a lot of people. (more…)


Justice League

Justice League is finally right around the corner and we will finally see how much of Zack Snyder’s movie is still there after Joss Whedon did his reshoots. Justice League will be the first movie after the success of Wonder Woman that we see on the big screen from DC Comics. (more…)



If there is one shoe that Nike knows has a loyal following it is the Air Force 1 and with that in mind Nike’s SF AF-1 (Special Forces Air Force 1) editions always bring a unique twist on a familiar shoe. This November is your chance to decide if you are feeling the stylized Air Force 1 with a…


Tomb Raider (2018)

It is the start of the 2018 movie season as the marketing for some of the heavy hitters is starting to take shape. Tomb Raider will give us a full-frontal assault for the reboot of this franchise as there is a lot at stake. (more…)


Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming is out and if you have free time this weekend, there is a movie theater with popcorn and a soda waiting for you. For the entire time you are watching Spider-Man Homecoming you will be enjoying your time. (more…)



If you have not realized that Chicago has some verse spitters than you have not been paying much attention since the early 90’s. Is Towkio worthy of the title of a Chicago rapper to keep an eye on? Yes, he is having the most fun out there right now and why not check him out.


A Ghost Story

A24 is one of the studios that I will always expect good things. David Lowery did an excellent job with Pete’s Dragon and that is reason enough to think he knocked this indie flick out of park. Why? This movie needs to be a fantasy, romance with quirkiness and tell a story through the eyes of imagination. Sound like…