Honoro Vera Garnacha

Honoro Vera Grenache, is well-balanced red wine they goes well with all the beautiful red meats that in beloved winter. The wine is also soft enough to be enjoyed without food.

Grenache is best known for being a French grape but some of the best Grenache wines are out of Spain. Vastly cheaper than their French counterparts, Spain Grenache could be considered a best buy by most people. If you are a lover Grenache and you have yet to venture to Spain in your wine travels (your local wine shop) you must make a purchase of one soon. Honoro Vera would be an excellent place to start.

The nose on the Honoro Vera Grenache is filled with fruit blackberry, cherry, and cassis. When you dive in for the flavor you will find the cassis again, a touch of chocolate in the fruit of berries. The 2014 vintage which is what you will find in stores today, is 14.5 percent alcohol. Is best to drink between now and 2017 and you should be able to find this bottle for $10 and less. For these reasons this is a great wine to check out, it also allows you to go out of your comfort zone and not break the bank.

For red wine lovers they should be able to find many reasons to enjoy this wine. For the others out there who just love wine, they may find themselves on the line of loving this wine to liking this wine. It is a wonderful wine to drink during this time of year and would make a great compliment to your Valentine’s Day.

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