Horror Movies 2015

IF there has ever been a chance for the horror movies to grab the forefront of the movie universe this might be the year. Lazarus Effect has already come out and even though it was not loved by critics. The movie was a financial success and it is interesting most importantly it wasn’t a zombie movie.

015 has a little bit of a storm brewing, with the It Follows that has a lot of buzz around it from the people that will give you an idea of what critics will think about it and we already know some critics enjoyed the movie. On top of that it is an original idea which is becoming a rare thing in itself.  Then there is the remake of Poltergeist coming out this summer that also looks great so far from what the trailer shows. In-between there is the movie Unfriended that reminds me a little of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Then the wildcard Rings that has a date of November 13 and in the end this could give horror movies a revival.

Lazarus Effect came out earlier this month and even though it was not exactly loved it was a profitable movie and there is a chance to see a continuation of this world. Think of the improvement form The Purge to the sequel Anarchy. The reason this is a good thing is the simple fact that gore horror and zombies has been running the mainstream horror movie lately and all things are better when you have diversity. Lazarus Effect also gave some bigger stars in Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass and Donald Glover.  This is a great thing for horror genre we have seen that when the big names take notice the general public also takes notice.

It Follows is most likely the movie you want to get out in front of. This is a movie that people will be talking about. It won Best Film at Austin Fantastic Fest in 2014 (SXSW movie portion) and it was well received by many critics. This is a movie that takes a very simple premise and it puts it in new light. We are talking about an STD by STD we are talking about a sexually transmitted demon. When you read the plot it reads a little like The Ring but who cares this is a fresh look at people passing a curse from one person to the next and quite frankly the whole thing is frightenly awesome.

Unfriended will be next in line. This movie has friends talking on video chat a year after a girl that thought she was their friend was bullied over a cell phone video and later killed herself in a very public way. It touches on notes of our modern society at the end of the day it looks like a vengeful ghost story. I would love if the girl faked her death and is now stalking them that would truly be a great twist. I have this idea because it also has that I Know What You Did Last Summer, and that drags me into that thought process.

Poltergeist is the crown jewel of these movies as far as hype and anticipation goes. This beloved movie and this remake is the spark in this year and I wish it was coming out in October. Still a summer date makes sense, I hope that the remake is as good as the original.  With that said even if it is just 70% as good it should still be amazing the only thing else to say is if you have not seen the original see it before you see the remake. I will be watching it again before seeing the movie and I have not seen it in over a decade.

Then there is Rings a prequel, to The Ring.  That is all we know for now I imagine that this will give them a way to take care of the issue that people no longer watch video tapes.  Still the story of The Ring should live on and have a chance to continue the story of Samara. The other news out of Rings is that Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz is attached to the movie. This will be her first major movie and this Italian beauty will hopefully be seen more on the Hollywood landscape. Rings will be the end of a great year in horror movies.

2015 could be a great year for horror films and show us a new side of horror at the same time. The only thing that could made it seemed planned is if the year was book ended by It Follows and Rings.  All of these films will bring something to the table but those two could be kissing cousins in a way. With the inability to know how it will all play out all I can say is I hope we see sequels in 2017 or 18 for these horror films.

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