I Think Too Much (@40Love)

40 Love a well respected group out of Bay area just released a video “I Think Too Much” off of their Dreams Don’t Sleep(2012) last June. This is 3rd video offering of the project and it may be the best on of the three.

“I Think Too Much” is a visually stunning music video with the visuals intertwining with the beat helping highlight the lyrics. The style gives you a hypnotic focus on all of the elements that take part in the music as well as the video. Even with the simplicity of it all the technical is highlighted by the behavior of the MCs. The usage of the imagery and deception of depth to bring out the best of the beat and lyrics in “I Think Too Much” a wonderful style of true nature of Hip Hop.

40 Love has brought us one more great video to add to their growing collection. With the summer coming up can’t wait to see what is next for 40 Love. This group out of the Bay area is yet another reason that it looks The Bay could be on the verge of getting the attention it deserves.


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