Igronance 2 Agrogance Q&A (@DaYoungFellaz)

Da YoungFellaz are gearing up to storm right thru the summer with #MusicMondays, a project with the Sonic sound Project getting their international rep up.  With Sophisticated Arrogance right around the corner Da YoungFellaz are sure to make 2013 one to remember!

Vintage Grind: Fuck Rap is produced by Taylor $urpreme, does $urpreme have any tracks on Sophisticated Arrogance and who else did you work with on this project?

Jay Storm: Well, first off shout out to Taylor $upreme we would definitely like to work with him more in the future, he isn’t on Sophisticated Arrogance, we actually connected with him through Rich iCoast, an up & coming artist from the Bronx who came to us with the concept to Fuck Rap, we enjoyed the idea and decided to jump on the record and spice it up a bit. Also added an artist we’re working with by the name of Kami, she assisted with some singing in the background to really give it that 90’s feel.

For Sophisticated Arrogance, we were (and still are) open to work with pretty much anyone who has a passion for their craft, and can deliver quality, Ralph Myerz, Bravestarr and his crew, (The Kush Administration) will be VERY instrumental to this project. I know we should be getting back in the studio with K-Quick and Grand Staff soon, I’m sure we’ll cook something up that’s pretty epic for this album as well. But mainly Ralph Myerz and The Kush Administration, we love keeping our albums in-house, our guys have studied the sound we create so well. It works perfect.

Vintage Grind: Are Da YoungFellaz showing a little more aggression (Fuck Rap, Fake) on the current state of Hip-Hop? Is there anything that you think the major labels could do to make Hip Hop better right now?

Sho-Biz: Absolutely, we’re being much more aggressive than we have been on our previous efforts. In my opinion, we’ve been the “polite rappers” for years and while it worked we felt it was time to go into over-drive. I mean, I do think record labels should actually put the time into the artist they give a shot to, and not try to just trace other artists. But I definitely wouldn’t point the finger at just them, I think it’s up to the artists to create quality music as well.

Vintage Grind: What can you tells us about the Sophisticated Arrogance LP? With the two of you always working together is this the next step in the evolution of your music, will we notice a clear difference between this and past projects?

Jay Storm: Most definitely, working with Ralph Myerz and his new album that’s recently been released in Europe, Super Sonic Pulse, we’ve been able to tap into a few different genre’s and even dig deep into the Hip-Hop culture to help us create this project. There’s a lot of different sounds, and feelings on this album, but the lyrical word play and soulfulness of our melodies in our hooks will always be there. Music has evolved to a place people want to hear more than just one particular sound, they want to go on a roller coaster ride and feel everything we go through; that they can relate to. That’s been the focus since day 1, which is why, in my opinion, the evolution has been this great. The progression has grown since Back 2 Da Basiks, our first official mixtape in 2009 because we weren’t afraid to enhance our sound, even if that took a little Electro and some Pop.

Vintage Grind: Da YoungFellaz spent some time at SXSW. Did you guys get a chance to find any new artist to work with on the new project, while you were at SXSW? Were there any artist at SXSW that gave DYF any ideas for the new project?

Sho-Biz: SXSW was by far one of the most incredible experiences we’ve had. We met a bunch of dope act’s from all over the world but haven’t actually gotten a chance to create content with them as of yet, an artist that stood out to me is a dude from Houston by the name of Tim Woods, we met him at A3C last year in Atlanta and connected with him again at SXSW, really talented artist.

Vintage Grind: “A Dream You Can Feel” is on the Super Sonic Pulse project and includes K-Quick, has K-Quick been added to the New Rich family? The songs he has worked with the DYF on are always great tracks, I imagine we can expect more from the calibration?

Jay Storm: K-Quick is family, he’ll always be family, he’s like the little brother who can create his own space and do his own thing and be perfectly fine. We’ve learned from each other a lot, being in the studio, working and collaborating for so long. It’s just perfect in my opinion, I start throwing ideas out and then he’ll start throwing ideas out and then we get to records like ‘A Dream You Can Feel’ or ‘Incognito’. I feel like some of his best records and some of our best records and have been together, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the chemistry that we have in the studio by attempting to put someone “under” an umbrella. He’s just as a part of the New Rich family as we are apart of his company Grand Staff. It’s just works perfect every time we get into the studio together.

Vintage Grind: “New Rich City, Fake and Fuck Rap” are a EP on their own and none of them will be on the up and coming Sophisticated Arrogance. They are setting a level of expectation for Sophisticated Arrogance is this the beginning of a new age for Da YoungFellaz?

Sho-Biz: That’s exactly what these records are they are like a prelude for what we have coming up in the near future with Sophisticated Arrogance, we’ve been creating so much content that we’ve decided to release a new song every Monday called #MusicMondays, and this is leading up to the release of Ralph Myerz album Super Sonic Pulse on June 25th, 2013. We will pick up again with this series when we have a solid release date for Sophisticated Arrogance, it was test that has built momentum for us, so it works. People are into new content, and it’s our way of convincing them that if the free music we’re releasing sounds this good, then just imagine what the album would sound like. We’re working hard on it, I tell you that much.

Vintage Grind: When can we expect the first single from Sophisticated Arrogance? Will there be a video and tour to follow?

Da YoungFellaz: You can expect the first single as soon as we wrap up the promo for Super Sonic Pulse, we’re on the first 3 records of this album and it’s something we helped Ralph Myerz with over the past 3 years. It will be available in the U.S., U.K. and parts of Asia on June 25th, 2013. There will definitely be a video and if the people want a tour then, we’ll absolutely deliver one to them. The people have to want the quality for us to be able to get an opportunity to tour and perform here in the U.S., we’ll definitely tour Europe, and we know people are tired of the quality that’s being delivered from certain artist, but it’s up to them to demand a change in scenery as far as Rap music is concerned, we’re all about good music and that’s what we strive on always delivering.

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