Irish Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day

With St.Patty’s day on Sunday it is time to talk about Irish Whiskeys.  I mean what is St. Patty’s day without good grub and good drink?

First up is Feckin irish whiskey! Yup like a couple of other words that just seem like fun at a bar Feckin is of that ilk. The word in Ireland is known to be used to mean “fucking idiot” so it isn’t family time.  The taste of Feckin is well worth it are you going to swear of Jameson most likely not. It is however a nice change of pace!

Next it is Bushmill’s, now most people already have an opinion on this regular.  It will be at any bar you step into that cares Irish whiskeys.  The real question is will they have any of the of the malts? You have the 10,16 and 21 if they do it is a great Idea to start the night off with when. I am  saying while you can still enjoy the layers of the Irish malt.

Finally there is Jameson. It is synonymous with Irish whiskeys! It really only needs the mention and people already know. It is an easy round to buy for your friends  of old or new. That is the real spirit of St Patty’s day to make new friends and run a little while with the old ones. So this Sunday raise a glass of Irish whiskey and find your lost friends they are waiting for you.

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