Jane Got a Gun Review

It took nearly two years from its announcement but Jane Got a Gun finally came out. Noted as a Natalie Portman passion project, it fell flat of expectations while still being entertaining.

Jane Got a Gun, was not quite the movie I’d hope for. It was however not a complete failure it was somewhere in between a really good cable movie and average movie. Had I seen Jane got a gun on Netflix I would have thought it was a great movie. It was instead a wide release film and did not quite live up to expectation.

In the failure of this movie I put a lot of blame on the marketing of the movie. Where I expected a female driven Western hero I received a female fighting for survival. In debt to a man who saved her from a traumatic life. It did get the right tone for Jane (Natalie Portman) the trauma she suffered while traveling west how it change her character. I was disappointed in the fact that she was not as badass that I thought she would be.

The story itself is strong enough for western movie. The promise is definitely interesting and the acting what’s above par. The movie did however leave holes in the story and spent a little bit too much time in the past telling the story. It also lacked the great imagery that was present in both the reverent and the hateful eight. Give you an idea how stacked up against the other Western, of recent release.

Jane Got a Gun is an entertaining film but does miss the mark of being a must-see film. It was an anticipated movie they just fell short of its own expectations. It is not a bad movie and if you love Western it is definitely worth a watch. At the end of the day it just fell short and only scored 2 out of 5.

2 out of 5

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